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Radical Wisdom

Radical Wisdom

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At the crux of leadership is wisdom. Mature guys have it, less mature guys want it. Spiritual maturity, relational wisdom, personal discipline, and leadership potential. Wisdom helps us help ourselves and help others. Some say wisdom comes from experience. That’s only partially true; it comes from examined experience.

Radical Wisdom isn’t your normal devotional book. It’s a daily journey toward wisdom and insight from someone who’s already been where you’re going. The daily readings in Radical Wisdom not only provide you with practical wisdom and principles but guide you as you examine your life experience and develop your own wisdom.

Regi Campbell is an experienced author, businessman, and mentor. Andy Stanley says, “I often find myself asking ‘What would Regi do?’” John Maxwell has called him “a master mentor.” A lot of what makes a mentor invaluable is that he makes his experience and wisdom available to his mentees. Regi has been sharing his experience and wisdom with his mentoring groups for years; now it’s available to you too.

Whether you’re leading a large organization, a family of five, or simply leading yourself, you will become a better leader through Radical Wisdom. One day at a time.

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