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Mentor Like Jesus

Mentor Like Jesus

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The church needs sold-out, all-in Jesus-followers. Disciples and disciple-makers. But where do you find them? How do you develop them? Look no further than how Jesus did it. The greatest leader and mentor of all time poured into 12 guys for a season. Those lives multiplied to build the church to over two billion who declare their belief in Christ today.

Whether you're looking for a disciple-making system that actually works, or a methodology to develop the next generation of leaders for your church, Mentor Like Jesus will help you understand how it can happen. Learn the power of intentionality when it's a part of authentic community...the processes Jesus used and modeled, distilled and activated for the 21st century. Here's a way for more mature believers to find purpose and meaning as they move into the giving back season of life. And a way for the next generation to grow into fully alive, reproducing disciple-makers through Jesus approach to mentoring.

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